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Item Number: PK2017NAVUPDATE*
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Genuine BMW 2017 Navigation Map Update
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Map updates bring drivers the most accurate roads, addresses, and points of interest by utilizing a diverse network of reporting sources – from satellite and aerial imagery to government sources and a growing system of verified input from drivers around the world. The 2017 update contains coverage for all of North America; including Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. *Must include vin with order.

  • Convenience: Input the destination and go.
  • A more enjoyable drive: Your eyes stay on the road, not on a map.
  • Sense of Security: GPS is your constant companion; one that always knows where they are going.
  • Innovation: Try the available BMW Assist service to download information to the vehicle’s on-board navigation system.
  • When using a 2-year-subscription FSC code you do not need to enter any FSC code during the next 24 months to update to the latest map data
  • Reduced travel time and fuel costs: By taking the most direct route and having the latest directions to avoid getting lost.
  • Decrease wear and tear: Protect your investment by using the optimal route to reduce vehicle mileage.


*CCC, I-Bus, E65, and MKX based nav systems no longer supported beyond the 2015 update.  (order the 2015 update if you want the latest and last update for these nav systems).

**USB nav media will be shipped, FSC Code will be emailed.

***2 Year FSC Codes are good for 2 years!  (a new 2018 USB media stick will be required and sold separately)

****Email with the last 7 of your vin if unsure which version to order.

*****USB media sticks can be ordered separately and if you already have a valid FSC Code:  2017 CIC USB pn 65902446813, 2017 NBT USB pn 65902446815.  Shop by part # on our site to order, or select option from dropdown.

******CIC-equipped vehicles may require a firmware update at a BMW dealership (at owner's expense) in order to accept the USB media.